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ALTITUDE: 1,000 - 1,400 meters
FARMERS: Don Enrique & Enrique Ferrufino
FARM: La Aurora:500 manzanas total, 250 manzanas of coffee
REGION: La Fundadora, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
CUPPING NOTES: Dulce de Leche, Honey, Baker's Chocolate, Medium Body 


Farmers’ Favorite way to drink a cup of coffee: 

Enrique & Enrique Senior enjoy their morning coffee black in a French Press



The Ferrufino family and Finca La Aurora has a special place in our heart at EÔTÉ Coffee® Company, along with the people of Matagalpa in Northern Nicaragua. We are excited to bring you Nicaraguan coffee from this family!  Coffee farming has been in the Ferrufino family for at least three generations.  Their farm, Finca la Aurora, is developing an innovative alternative to coffee processing, exportation for small producers in the community while employing community-building initiatives.

  • One hundred percent of the electricity on the farm is hydro-powered by water flowing from a natural spring on the farm; water from the same spring is used to process the coffee and is recycled. In an active effort to preserve the environment, half of the farm’s land has beenleft in its natural lush, mountainous state.
  • Finca la Aurora employs 90 full time employees throughout the entire year and as many as 600 employees during the harvest season. Both temporary and permanent employees are provided with newly renovated housing units, electricity, running water, meal service and a community/recreation space.
  • Finca la Aurora also works to improve the quality of life of families in coffee communities. They provide an onsite school for children living on the farm and educational programming for employees and farming families in surrounding communities.