Overlander Single-Serve Steeped Bags


Pour Dunk Steep

EOTE COFFEE has partnered with STEEPED COFFEE to bring you single-serve craft coffee!

STEEPED COFFEE® is the easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes. Take Your Moment — at home, work, or on the go. Steeped Single-Serve Coffee Bags are filled with 100% artisan roasted specialty coffee and are crafted for quality, convenience, and sustainability. Every proprietary Steeped Coffee Pack is pre-portioned, precision ground, and triple nitro-sealed for freshness within Guilt-Free Packaging that's fully compostable, making every cup ethically sourced, sustainable, and delicious. Welcome to Coffee Simplified!

POUR: Pour 8 oz of Hot Water.

DUNK: Dunk Steeped Coffee Bag 12-14 Times.

STEEP: Steep Coffee 4-5 Minutes.

NOTES: For ground coffee, please request in notes section at checkout.

Dark Roast

ORIGIN: Brazil


NOTES:  Raw Sugar, Semi-Sweet chocolate, almond.