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Dark Roast

ORIGIN: Brazil


NOTES:  Raw Sugar, Semi-Sweet chocolate, almond.


12 oz. (340g) 



In 1918, Mitsuo Nakao's parents landed in Brazil in search of work and better opportunities offered by Japanese emigration to Brazil. These immigrants went to work in the coffee plantations of western São Paulo. The coffee economy was the great engine of the Brazilian economy from the second half of the nineteenth century until the 1920s.  in 1934 the family returned to Japan, with the dream of living in the native land. Unfortunately the beginning of World War I led the family to return to Brazil by starting the coffee cultivation in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

Mitsuo Nakao was one of the pioneer coffee producers in the Cerrado Mineiro, moving from São Paulo to Minas Gerais in 1984. The first farms were in the region of Chapadão de Ferro, and later near the municipality of Patos de Minas and Patrocínio, expanding in total of 6 farms.

In 2013, Mr. Mitsuo Nakao passed on the farms to his children, who continue to export high quality coffees and the son Mr. Orlando Nakao, father's right arm in the cultivation of coffees, started the process of roasting the coffee from the farm, the Serra Negra located in Patrocínio - MG.

Currently, manager André Nakao, 4th generation of the Nakao family, manages the farm and roasting next to his father, Mr. Orlando Nakao.

André Nakao is an agronomist, and a student in the cultivation and processing of specialty coffees. He visited several farms in Colombia, receives visits from teachers and experts in cafes that share the same taste: the search for excellent coffees.