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5908 ft.            
VARIETIES: Arabica; Heirloom Bourbon with natural Jackson hybrid          
FARMER: Gaharo Hill Farmers   
FARM: Long Miles Coffee Project                  
ORIGIN: Burundi            
NOTES: Black cherry Dark Chocolate, Creamy body, Grapefruit finish.
PROCESS: Washed                      

Of all the places in the world, why Burundi?  That is the question Ben Carlson of the Long Miles Coffee Project answers frequently asked about their coffee.  The sprawling Gaharo region of Burundi was cultivated slightly later than other regions in the area.  When farmers first arrived, there was no one to welcome them; only empty land waiting to be farmed. As farmers began to work the land and plant crops, the hill was named to mean “We are full” in Kirundi (the local language of Burundi). Today, over 600 farming families live in Gaharo.

Enter the Long Miles Coffee Project.  The first washing station, built by Long Miles, rests at the feet of Gaharo Hill.  For Long Miles, Gaharo farmers are neighbors and co-workers—many of the dedicated washing station employees and their families call Gaharo home.  Coffee is not just a cash crop to these farmers; it is a tool for tangible and sustainable development for their community.

For these reasons this coffee holds a special place in the heart of EÔTÉ Coffee® Company.  To learn more about Long Miles, visit www.longmilescoffeeproject.com.