Sunnyside Diner

Posted by Bold Commerce on

Rise and shine locals, this morning we headed to Midtown OKC to visit our favorite luminous alliance – Sunnyside Diner. It’s a modern diner serving up sweet and savory classics, and strong brewed coffee to give the ultimate breakfast experience.

You can dine for brunch with a group, or just walk in and take a seat at the bar if you're flying solo. Of course, we could chat about coffee all day long, but if you read previous blog posts, you'll know biscuits are a must in the brunch scene; and Sunnyside brings biscuits to a whole new level.

During our latest visit, we opted for their California Benedict… because a benedict with biscuits is a benedict for us!  It includes their fluffy biscuits, roasted turkey, spinach, tomato, avocado, eggs, and hollandaise - with all of the veggies and lean protein, you can at least pretend that’s on your diet. ;)

Another favorite indulgence of ours is their giant pancakes, we’re talking “size-of-your-face” big and ridiculously delicious when covered in blueberries.

Sunnyside is also flexible when you want a guilt-free dining experience. Their Farmers Market omelet with egg whites (topped with hot sauce, of course) does the trick! Any choice you make, you won’t be disappointed.

And what’s a good brunch without a fancy coffee cocktail? Their Comeback Joe cocktail will warm you from the inside out. As if that doesn’t sound cozy enough, they finish it off with whipped cream.


Our friends at Sunnyside support local, which is something we can get behind 😊, and definitely get in line for on a Sunday morning (or any morning).