Pumpkin Carving Contest

Posted by Bold Commerce on

To get in the spirit of the season, we got a little crafty with some of our EÔTÉ designs. See? :) 

We tried our hand at a little pumpkin carving to decorate the roastery but MAN, is pumpkin carving supposed to be this hard? How does everyone make it look so easy? Maybe we need better knives. Or maybe we just had too much coffee in our systems (likely).

After a few attempts, we finally got this beauty! 


Are you a crafty carver? We want to see what you got! So here's the contest:

- Print the stencils (download here)

- Carve a pumpkin or three using the stencils

- Post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag @eotecoffee

- We'll choose our 5 favorites to win a 12oz bag of roaster's choice and a coffee mug!!


If pumpkin carving isn't your calling, we've made a few latte stencils for the crafty coffee lover in you. Check them out!