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Most people in the coffee community know that some of the world’s best coffee comes from some of the hardest to reach places. The growing conditions and the processing methods is what makes that coffee unique and special.

That same metaphor can be used to describe Willow Springs Boys Ranch. Each of us are unique due to the conditions that we grew up in. The boys on the ranch have come from some difficult and hard to reach places.  Most quit on themselves and on life because they question whether they have the strength to make it. Many of the boys on the ranch have considered quitting, but crossing the finish line defines champions. At Willow Springs, they cross finish lines together. 

EÔTÉ COFFEE is committed to Willow Springs Boys Ranch to cross finish lines in order to develop another generation of champions….champions that come from what the world would consider some of the most unlikely places.

As a company, EÔTÉ is so committed to this mission, that $1 is invested in Willow Springs Boys Ranch from every 12oz or 5 lb bag of coffee sold. With that said, when our friends purchase a bag of coffee, they are pouring into the lives of others. Our friends are building champions with us.  In December of 2017, EÔTÉ and a circle of friends, helped fund the Counseling Cottage at WSBR.  This summer, our goal is to develop another circle of friends who will sponsor the McClendon Home and care for an additional 6 boys on the ranch. These projects will have generational impact on boys and families.

Willow Springs Boys Ranch is hosting a House Warming for the McClendon House on Saturday April 28th, 2018 from 2-4p. This is a come and go event.  WSBR is registered at Target and Amazon for items for furnishing the McClendon House.  Additional, this home will need a new 12-passenger van to transport boys.  Please join us in celebrating the work of WSBR at this event.

EÔTÉ COFFEE invites you to join us in this passion.  To learn more, click on the link for Willow Springs Boys Ranch. Let’s build champions together, one bag of coffee at a time and one boy at a time.