Why Not Me?

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My friend, Mike Zserdin, is on a journey. Mike wants to help make the world a better place. He also wants to motivate others to join him. I remember sitting in a coffee shop with Mike over a year ago. He shared with me about his passiona and an ebook that he was writing, The Generosity Manefesto. Mike and I share the same passion.  It is one of the reasons that I founded EÔTE COFFEE, Willow Springs Boys Ranch and Jacob's Ladder Camps.


Mike and his friends have created a platform that makes it easy for people to share about the causes that they are passionate about. They have made it easy to have one location where I can give to all  the causes and non-profits  that I am passionate about.  


All of us talk about what is important to us:  Our kids. Our sports. Our hobbies. Our favorite this and that.  I can tell you from personal experience that some of the seemingly smallest things sometimes have the biggest impact on my life.  It is often the small things can change the course of our life. There have been some extraordinary people who have done a collection of small things throughtout the course of my life that have made a tremendous impact on me.   As an adult, now I have the opportunity to pay if forward.


What causes are you passionate about?  I would like to invite you to join  WHY NOT ME. Check out their website and become infected by what generosity can do.  Generosity is contagious. Geneosity is fueled by passion. Generosity is Good.  


EÔTÉ COFFEE has formed a Community at WHY NOT ME. EÔTÉ COFFEE has a passion for impacting the lives of children both locally and globally.  Here are a few projects that we are passionate about: Willow Springs Boys Ranch, Eagle's Wings Home for Girls in Albania, and we are personally in a boy's schooling in central Uganda who wants to become a teacher and in turn teach others. We also have a heart for a group of students and pastors in Nicaragua who are impacting their communities.


Where is your passion leading you?  Please join EÔTÉ COFFEE in fueling Mike's  passion to make the world a better place. We welcome you to our Community Page at WHY NOT ME.  Help us make the world a better place!


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J. Todd Vinson

Founder of EÔTE COFFEE