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EÔTÉ COFFEE is excited to be partnering with THRIVE FARMERS in bringing you Farmer-Direct speciality coffee. When you drink coffee brought to you by EÔTÉ COFFEE and THRIVE FARMERS, you are do more than just drinking outstanding coffee.  You are impacting farmers and their families. You are also helping EÔTÉ COFFEE provide a direct impact on children in both the United States and abroad.  Just when you thought drinking speciality coffee was good enough, EÔTÉ COFFEE and THRIVE FARMERS just made it even better!  

Check out the excerpt below from Thrive Farmers website that will help explain why EÔTÉ COFFEE is excited to partnering with THRIVE FARMERS to bring you outstanding farmer-direct coffee.

Today, worldwide prices for quality Arabica coffee soar at double-digit rates while the farmers who grow the coveted crop barely earn enough to survive. This is possible because the highly segmented coffee supply chain rewards some players at the expense of others.

The THRIVE Farmers Approach – THRIVE Farmers brings an enterprise approach to the business of coffee by introducing the first integrated platform that allows farmers to participate in the full coffee supply chain.

The THRIVE Farmers Brand – THRIVE Farmers allows independent coffee houses and other specialty retailers to connect their customers to the farmers who produce the coffees they love.

An Economic Bootstrap Approach – THRIVE Farmers is not a charity, a branding organization or a trade policy group. THRIVE has found that the greatest economic impact occurs when people are given the business tools, distribution channels and knowledge resources to make a real living. This is an economic bootstrap approach tosustainable progress.

Leveraging the Value Chain – The THRIVE platform lets coffee farmers around the world take greater control of their economic destiny by leveraging the value chain of coffee. This includes processing the coffee fruit they grow, turning it into dried green beans, and selling it through wholesale and retail channels.

Delivering Profits – THRIVE provides a vehicle for the farmer to advance his/her coffee into the marketplace. Farmers receive revenue when their coffee is sold to the consumer. In this way, THRIVE yields profits to the farmer up to 10x the Fair Trade model.

Growth Model - The THRIVE Farmers model was launched in Costa Rica in a pilot program over the last two years  and is now being expanded globally.  For both consumers and farmers, THRIVE Farmers makes great coffee and a true livelihood mutually compatible.