EÔTÉ COFFEE Sighting in Kitgum, Uganda

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EÔTÉ COFFEE "Strikin' the Pose" 

Kitgum, Uganda.

I had the privilege of spending three days in Uganda with Kent and his family in November of 2011. I got to see first hand what God is doing in Gulu and the surrounding area.  Kent and I share the same passion for coffee and a greater passion for spreading the Gospel Message. Kent's family has started three churches in "city settings".  Ten more have since been started in the villages. Kent and I are currently talking about ways to reach people in the coffee growing region of Uganda through the coffee industry.  Be on the look out for Ugandan Coffee on our coffee offerings page this next year.

EÔTÉ is excited about the impact that Kent's family is having in Uganda.  I had the privilege of worshiping in Gulu on a Sunday morning during my trip. The church walked water in five gallon jugs to fill up a water trough to celebrate four baptisms.  Kent gave and amazingly simple and concise message of how for Believers to share their faith and the Gospel Message.  Then something crazy happened.  He invited to walk out of the church for thirty minutes....and go do it!  And we did!  Everyone walked  through town with Ugandan students and they shared their faith.  They also asked people if there was anything that they could pray about for that person. They prayed on the spot. The stories shared back at the church were life changing stories. The Sunday worship and prayer walk was one of the highlights of my trip.  It has also change how I live back at home.  Opportunities are all around us. The trip has challenged me to be more intentional and look for ways to help and invest in others.  The opportunity may present itself in line at Lowe's, the grocery story for during a run around the lake.  I don't want to miss out on those opportunities in Uganda or at home in Oklahoma.

Below is an update from Kent and the work that his family is currently doing in Uganda. I look forward to sharing more updates in the future: 

"We just began our second "city church", there in Kitgum.  The guy who is currently leading that church is named Patrick...he is 32 yrs old.  We met Patrick through a short-term team that came over to work with us last May.  When these guys met Patrick working as a manager of a small restaurant they asked if he wanted to know more about Jesus.  Patrick pulled up 3 chairs and they sat for the rest of the afternoon discussing the new life Jesus promises to those who follow him with all of their heart.  

Patrick quickly became a consistent attender of our first little "city church", here in Gulu.  He began spending great amounts of time in the bible.  He began leading small study groups for new believers.  He even joined our small choir for a season.  Now today Patrick is leading a new church! He still feels unqualified and is worried that he does not have enough knowledge.  We get to remind him what he does have...a changed life and hope in Jesus!!!  We think that makes him a perfect leader in aA culture that is deep in religion but does not know Jesus.   

One part of this story that I do not want to miss is how we even met Patrick.  We had a group of young adults fly all the way to Uganda to do one thing...look for people who were wanting to live a new life.  Most "mission trips" involve a group of people traveling to some faraway place and helping a people group by building something...a church building or a school building.  

We have had 9 short-term teams come work with us in the last two years and we have 5 scheduled for this year so far.  Each one of them is prepared to work with people...to throw themselves into the people and look for the ones that have been prepared to hear the gospel!  They are wanting to help build His Church...not our church.  Because of these groups we meet people like Patrick , who meet the King of kings and then want others to meet Him also!

If you would like more information about his work or would like to find out ways that you can get involved or partner with them, you can contact us on via the EÔTÉ email address and we will connect you.