Due Unto Others: Uganda

Posted by J. Todd Vinson on

 I had the opportunity to take a 6 day trip to Uganda  this past November.  I continually have conversations with friends who are making regular trips to Uganda to serve and help others.  What I find is that the person making the trip is helped and changed as much as the person who receives the help.  

Winston Churchill affectionately called Uganda the Pearl of Africa.  I agree.  I feel in love with the landscape, wild life and natural resources.  But what I was most taken with was the heart and hunger of most people toward God.  

The Pearl is one of the wonderful and precious things found in the world.  It is rare and is formed by pain caused by a tiny grain of sand.  The oyster takes years to surround and cover that grain of sand to provide healing for the damage of that grain of sand can cause to the smooth delicate lining of the oyster.  What is produced is the precious pearl. There has been years of pain and suffering in Uganda.  However, much healing is taking place and God is forming pearls that have an eternal value for His Kingdom.

In my short time in Uganda, I have witnessed first hand just a few amazing stories of what God is doing in Uganda.  To quote a friend, "Jesus is alive and well in Uganda."  I have a good friend from my home town of Duncan, OK who is serving in a mobile medical clinic with his family in rural areas that normally do not have access to adequate medial care.  I would like to highlight what his family is doing with some other great people that I also will blog about in the future.

Check out the link to his family's blog- DUE UNTO OTHERS.

I would ask you to consider helping in the great work that DUE UNTO OTHERS is doing in Uganda.  Please consider joining EÔTÉ in helping  one of the upcoming surgeries or current needs. Many of us can do a little and have great impact on a person for a lifetime.  You can find contact information for DUE UNTO OTHERS on their blog and on their website.