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EÔTÉ (Ends of the Earth)

Inspired by Acts 1:8, EÔTÉ COFFEE is a passion that had its beginnings on a trip to Albania in 2009.  I was traveling with a team that would spend the next 10 days preparing a home and staff for a girls' home called EAGLES WINGS.  On that trip, conversation began with a friend  about roasting fresh coffee.  I returned home, ordered a home roaster and began roasting. Word began to spread and I found myself roasting coffee for friends and family. In fact, I roasted so much coffee on that small roaster that I burned it up this past fall.

After three years of talking about "one-day" starting a coffee roasting company, my wife helped put feet to my passion when she asked, "When are you going to start talking about this and do something?"  We all have passions. Sometimes we just need help putting legs to those passions.

Two things that I and passionate about are investing in children and drinking great coffee.  WILLOW SPRINGS BOYS RANCH and JACOB'S LADDER CAMPS are two passions that I have invested most of my adult life on. 

EÔTÉ COFFEE is a business committed to investing in Kingdom-minded projects and specific needs of children, families, and orphanages in the United States and around the world.

Most of my most meaning conversations happen over a cup of coffee with friends and family. The conversations are usually about life events, challenges, callings and passions.  I have been blessed to be surrounded by people who help bring out the best in me and help me pursue my passions.  EÔTÉ wants to be part of that conversation and inspiration.  As you have a cup of EÔTÉ COFFEE with a friend or family, think about what inspires you.


~Todd Vinson

  Coffee Drinker and Founder of EÔTÉ COFFEE