Long Miles Coffee Project: Farmer Story

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EÔTE COFFEE first learned of LONG MILES COFFEE PROJECT this past fall.  We had heard great things about LMCP & anxiously waited samples.  In February, we were about to cup the Kirehe Lot 5 and several other samples  It was worth the wait! We immediately fell in love with the Kirehe Lot 5. As good as the cup is, so is the LMCP story. Even though we have not met the Carson Family yet, we feel a connection & kindred spirit. On our next trip to Africa, we hope to make a stop off for a visit to Long Miles.

LMCP inhabits 5 hills in Burundi. There are over 500 farmers participating in their project. All are third generation + coffee farmers. Families started coffee farming for the Belgium’s in the 1930’s
. Most of the farmers average 200-300 coffee trees.

Kirehe is washing station name based on surrounding community and hill that the washing station is built on. Most of the coffee farmers delivering to Kirehe have little to no other forms of income other then some banana sales. The coffee is all high grown and one of the closest areas to the last of two remaining rain forest in Burundi, Kabira. This proximity to the forest gives a unique micro climate to the coffee and most farmers attribute this for the reason that their coffee is exceptionally good.

Most farmers have a minimum of 8 children. The 200-300 coffee trees are all producing less then 1kg per tree and thus putting the families well below the poverty line. The subsistence farming done by these farmers creates just enough to sustain the families. The future for these farmers lays in the ability to improve their yields and produce high quality coffee.

LMCP is implementing large scale nurseries to replace old trees and investing heavily into a fertilizer and pest control so as to create sustainable and livable conditions for the farming partners the LMCP works with.

Below is a short bio about one of the farmers that grows coffee on one of the five hills. Click on the link for more on the good things that is going on at LONG MILES COFFEE PROJECT as they cultivate coffee, people & potential.



Photo by Long Miles Coffee Project

Farmer Story: BENOIT MUSUKO 

Rugoma Hill
Benoit is 63 years old and is missing many of his teeth. He walks for two hours in order to get his coffee cherries processed at our washing station. He chooses to deliver to the Long Miles washing station because he is confident that we weigh his coffee beans fairly and pay him fairly. Benoit has 4 children that he hopes will one day be able to pursue higher education, like a trade school. Benoit has 400 coffee trees and last year he made $156.25 growing coffee.